Testosterone, the male sex hormone, helps maintain :

  • muscle mass
  • libido
  • erectile function
  • spermatogenesis
  • mood
  • facial/body hair distribution
  • bone mineral density
  • Low testosterone (hypogonadism) is a debilitating condition. If age related, it is often termed ‘andropause’. Irrespective of the name, low testosterone can cause :

Decreased muscle mass and strength
Increased fat mass
Reduced bone mineral density
Erectile dysfunction & loss of early morning erections
Failing libido
Anxiety, nervousness, irritability
Loss of concentration or memory
If these symptoms sound familiar then it may be prudent to assess your own testosterone levels with one of our test kits.

Rebalancing the hormonal profile to normalise testosterone levels has been shown to:

  • Increase muscle mass (
  • Aid loss of bodyfat, particularly from the abdomen and chest
  • Increase libido
  • Improve erectile function and aid return of nocturnal/early morning erections
  • Improve mood
  • Improve energy levels and resolve fatigue
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Improve insulin and lipid profiles
  • Up to 2.2 million UK men may have clinically significant testosterone deficiencies (20,21).
  • However, confusion amongst the medical community as to what constitutes a hypogonadal
  • testosterone level (22) is often coupled to uncertainty regarding the best diagnostic tests to
  • employ (3). Furthermore, some practitioners dispute the existence of ‘andropause’, the age
  • related testosterone deficiency (23,24). Hence, it is possible that testosterone deficiency is
  • under-diagnosed and under-treated in the UK.

mens-healthDSDĀ circumvents these difficulties by providing you with another option: self-directed non-invasive testing using state of the art salivary radioimmunoassays. These assays are popular in the US and Western Europe, and their superiority over blood tests is recognised by leading clinicians and researchers in the field