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The HIV and AIDS epidemic is not only a threat to all humanity but it is also a threat to economic progress and national security. However, some countries are controlling this epidemic better than others, primarily through awareness and education. The richer and industrialised nations have an advantage in HIV prevention in terms of financial resources, healthcare provision and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, there is clear evidence that even poorer countries have made significant headway in fighting HIV/AIDS as a result of strategic planning, commitment and determination. These countries have made a real impact on reducing infection rates through the direct education of their people. They have done this by providing practical, unbiased information presented in a simple language that everybody understands.

This is exactly the type of education that the College of Venereal Disease Prevention provides. We intend to play a huge role in the prevention of this terrible global disease by ensuring that as many people as possible have the knowledge to prevent themselves from being infected in the first place. This, we hope, will reduce both the personal and global economic impact of the threat of HIV/AIDS.

For those who have already been infected and affected, our courses provide hope and encouragement as we contribute to training committed individuals, enabling them with the knowledge and skills required to support People Living With HIV.

In order to be effective in this global educational campaign, the college has written detailed yet easy-to-follow and practical study materials for the courses. Furthermore, it works closely with sovereign governments and various international organisations in the fight against these diseases. Many governments have indicated their enthusiasm to finance the education of their citizens in the prevention of all STI s but particularly HIV and AIDS, because of the financial, human and social costs associated with these debilitating diseases.

With its trained, experienced and dedicated staff, the college is determined to make a major contribution in this global educational campaign to prevent HIV/AIDS, which has no cure. Even where a cure is found, education for prevention will continue to be of primary importance.

We encourage every government and private organisation to join in the global ¡®war¡¯’ against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. HIV/AIDS has indeed brought extreme misery and catastrophe to humanity particularly in the developing world.

The College of Venereal Disease Prevention is well acclaimed for its:

  • Educational campaign against HIV/AIDS globally.
  • Thoughtfulness and foresightedness in developing and delivering formal courses in this specialised multi-disciplinary field.
  • Quality programmes, bespoke study materials;  and consultancy services.
  • Flexibility, adaptability and dynamism.
  • Care for the reduction and elimination of human suffering.