Baseline Testing

The HIV and AIDS epidemic is not only a threat to all humanity but it is also a threat to economic progress and national security. However, some countries are controlling this epidemic better than others, primarily through awareness and education. The richer and industrialised nations have an advantage in HIV prevention in terms of financial resources, healthcare provision and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, there is clear evidence that even poorer countries have made significant headway in fighting HIV/AIDS as a result of strategic planning, commitment and determination. These countries have made a real impact on reducing infection rates through the direct education of their people. They have done this by providing practical, unbiased information presented in a simple language that everybody understands.

This is exactly the type of education that the College of Venereal Disease Prevention provides. We intend to play a huge role in the prevention of this terrible global disease by ensuring that as many people as possible have the knowledge to prevent themselves from being infected in the first place. This, we hope, will reduce both the personal and global economic impact of the threat of HIV/AIDS.

There are many expatriate opportunities internationally for people trained in HIV/AIDS and STI s prevention.